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  • Michael S. Long, Ph.D.
  • (Co-founder and Principal Engineer)
  • Dr. Long is the primary development engineer for GEOS-Chem, and has focused on implementing high-performance computing tools for very high-resolution global air quality simulations. He interacts with a wide range of institutions and individuals to address technical needs for specific scientific applications. He specializes in multiphase chemistry associated with gas-aerosol interaction, air-sea exchange, and Earth-system processes, and is spearheading the development of GEOS-Chem for use in addressing questions in marine chemistry. In addition, Dr. Long maintains an active experimental program developing and deploying instrumentation to observe physical and chemical processes at fluid boundaries. Dr. Long is OSC's primary scientist regarding use of the GEOS-Chem forward model.
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  • Kevin J. Wecht, Ph.D.
  • (Co-founder and Principal Scientist)
  • Dr. Wecht specializes in data analysis and modeling of atmospheric composition on global and regional scales. Toward this goal, he has developed both forward and adjoint modeling capabilities and has experience analyzing data from surface stations, aircraft, and a variety of satellite instruments. He takes special interest in greenhouse gases, numerical methods, and all things related to the use of the GEOS-Chem Adjoint.

Board of Scientific Advisors

Our board of scientific advisors consists of leading scientists who are developing new tools and insights in the field of atmospheric composition modeling. As a group of uniquely skilled scientists, our advisors provide the broad expertise necessary to connect clients to the most capable domain experts in the field. Our advisors also provide expert guidance on the development of particular projects.